Our Mission

    Our mission is to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health and public stewardship through mountain biking and positive outdoor experience and to create a foundation for lifelong cycling enjoyment.

    Founded in 2013

    Icicle Bicycle Club (IBC) was founded by Travis Blue out of his love for mountain biking in 2013 with 14 middle school and high school student-athletes. Alex Brieger joined as a co-coach in 2014.  Year after year, IBC has continued to grow in student-athlete and volunteer participation.  IBC ended 2019 with 39 student-athletes led by two head coaches and 16 parent/volunteer assistant coaches 2019.  IBC is part of the Washington Student Cycling League (WSCL), participating against 46 other teams in four races throughout the state.  Ending an era, six year student-athlete, Ry Ward graduated and Travis and Alex stepped back from their roles at Head Coaches.  Starting with the 2020 season, a volunteer staff of six parents will take over the reigns and continue to build on the strong foundation of IBC.

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    I am so grateful for their dedication and ability
    to cultivate such a positive environment. We
    have something really special here.