Icicle Bicycle Club

    NWCUP Phase 2, Silver Mountain Bike Park

    Leavenworth represented at Silver Mountain Bike Park with five Icicle Bicycle riders participating.  Keegan Melton (non IBC rider) and Alden Brooks joined the line up with Jonas back from an injury and Tobin and Nicholas returning from phase 1.  Keegan (non IBC rider)  finished 14 out of 23 racers in Cat 3, 8-10, his first DH race.  Also joining Keegan in Cat 3 was Alden Brooks who finished a strong 2nd in Cat 3, 15-18, also his first DH race.  Moving up to Cat 2, Nicholas placed mid pack, 7 out of 15 in Cat 2, 0-12 and Jonas just back from an injury finished 15th in Cat 2, 13-14.  In Cat 1, Junior Expert, Tobin finished 6th out of 33 finishers.  Everyone is asking, “Will there be a phase 3?”  Let’s hope so!


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